Windsurf Champion about being successful

hi from La Palma here in southern France next to me is oceanfront Garin he’s an Irish wind surf champion it’s so nice to have you here and you are really successful in Vince surfing so what’s like what do you need to be successful I think the first thing is to have the right equipment for the conditions next thing of course is to learn how to use this equipment training and practice for all the different conditions you get in windsurfing it changes a lot but most importantly I think is to have the right mentality the right psychology and without the right psychology and approach the other two things don’t matter so what do you think my right psychology it’s a positive attitude and learning from mistakes and not being upset by highs and lows it’s always being staying on the focus on the goal thank you and I’m really looking forward to see you windsurfing q see them so stay positive and you will be successful

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