hey it’s Maciek Rutkowski and this is my
life I grew up still in the in the VHS era
you know in the magazine era and I collected all the catalogs and I was
looking at them every night and whatever everything you see in all those tapes
and all those movies and all those magazines and everything is just Maui
Maui Maui Maui all the wave sailing done at Hookipa
all the freeride freestyle whatever done at Kanaha and you see Maui and and
you really want to go and you know as a kid I actually I got invited here by
Starboard for the Prokids thing but somehow like a week or two before the trip they cancelled so since then I wanted
to go even more you know and it’s been like 15 years that I was kind of looking
for an opportunity hoping something would materialize like some testing some
photo shoot or something patrick they But first I was on Patrik they were doing their photo shoots in
Australia which was absolutely amazing as well Point-7 always did their
stuff in the Canaries Then I switched to Gaastra/Tabou and they didnt invite me
for the shoot so then the opportunity never came and I was just
“ahh probably not meant to be for me to go for a reason and fuck it I just
need to buy the ticket and go alone” You get out of the airport in
Kahului and the first thing you see is just this amazing landscape you know
Haleakala there the West Maui mountains like super green everything palm trees
the temperature is absolutely perfect you’re like t-shirt board shorts all day
every day is absolutely amazing you’re like already that moment already you
know that it was worth it and she still didn’t even get in the water you know one of the first places that I didn’t
mind like this really touristy stuff you know what is supernatural
preserved really well, it’s just beautiful But for sure what I came here to do is
windsurf and and mostly to windsurf Hookipa and I got it absolutely amazing
quite a few days not much crowd everybody left after the contest
and you know everybody was super friendly there was maybe one situation
that I had and it was with an Italian so I guess that happens everywhere Hi Cape Town! It was really good times you know I still suck with the
wind from the right but it’s it’s amazing yeah
I think windsurfing is the only sport you’re actually riding with both sides
of your bodies you know you’re kind of riding regular and goofy depending on
the spot on the location you know so I’ve been just riding with wind from the
left my whole life and the transition here was not easy definitely there was
a lot of crashing a lot of learning a lot of all that… but I started slowly
slowly making babysteps and slowly improving
And I couldnt be more stoked Travelling back light No masts, no booms, no harness drowned everything At least no excess baggage problems! you

6 thoughts on “# WINDSURFLIFE Episode2: MAUI WOWIE”

  1. Cool VLOG… exactly how I felt. Grew up looking at videos in the Fast Forward/Moving Target era, looking at magazines and dreaming of windsurfing Hookipa. Got there on my 24th Birthday, sold everything I had and just went there to follow my dreams. It was so cool to be there sailing every day living the dream. I miss those days. Looking forward to my next trip back.

  2. E tam ogarniasz, jak dla mnie mistrzuniu będę mówił. Zmiana tak istotna jak robienie wszystkiego w lustrzanym odbiciu (wiatr z prawej strony) a nie jak przez większość kariery z lewej. Powiem zdolny jesteś Maciej;) Muzyka do filmu great jak dla mnie,.Oobyś kontynuował na you tube relacje z doświadczenia życia. Pozdro

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