Hi ! I discovered Wingfoiling this summer and I directly knew I would love it ! It’s a new sport which is kind of a mix of windsurfing, kiteboarding and surf/SUP foiling but much easier and faster to learn. The handling of the wing comes quite naturally it’s so light (inflatable blader, like a kitesurf) but there’s also a boom like in windsurf. It makes it really easy to handle when you get enough speed, thanks to the wing, the board starts to take off
you are flying on the foil It’s a bit like foil surfing but on an infinite wave on the flat It’s just this small wing (I’m using 4m ) and the foil which makes you fly ! Now I’m starting to go on the waves and there the Wing Foil takes another dimension. This is just great new sensations ! It’s only the beginning of the sport, and the equipment is improving a lot so stay tuned Lot’s of new stuff coming soon ! If you have any questions about anything, like the size of the wing what kind of board, how to rig, where do you have to put your foil… write it on the commebts below and I will answer ! Have a good ride !

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