World Tour dreams with surfing phenom Hiroto Arai

♪ (Music) ♪ I want to amaze people I used to watch DVDs of the top 40 WT surfers over and over
when I was younger and had the dream of becoming
someone as cool as they were I would do anything to reach there and surf with my heroes on the same stage At Lennox there are trainers and shapers here, the waves are good,
and there’s a lot of great surfers it’s a very good environment for surfers When I first came to Australia,
I was about 12 or 13 and I was learning English from ABC I was dropped here all of sudden
and the language barrier was great I don’t know how I survived But it’s fun. I’ve got lots of friends here just hanging with everybody, surfing.
I became really close with Luke and Zac Steve, the father of this family,
asked me if I want to stay at their place This is where I stay with
the family who’s taking care of me They all live upstairs
here and next to that and here’s my room. I sleep here I think my relationship really has been like a mentor We speak a lot when he is here, about his program and I manage athletes as well so I’ve got a good understanding of
what they need to do to potentially get to the top Yeah, more like a friend relationship
Surf together, play together, train together Just like any friend I have here Small, strong, long hair, and rips! They talk to me a lot, especially Luke Zak is more of a “cool” type of guy but because they come talk to me a lot I learnt quite a lot of English from them Whenever I’m back here,
it feels like my second home I go out to the sea 340 days a year On my days off, I’ve really got nothing to do When it’s day off, because
I’ve always liked drawing as a pastime I’ve been asking people who spray boards to design and draw my board and I thought I can start drawing myself then I began to draw on boards I first met Hiro when we was twelve or thirteen He came and stayed at my place
in Australia with us, by himself which is a big journey for a little kid to do I’ve been using Emery boards for five years Each board cannot be made exactly the same so I discuss thoroughly with the shaper
about the small details It really affects surfing a lot when a nice board has been made
I get on it and it feels amazing in that sense, I value communication very much When I do Hiroto’s boards, we try and add
these little touch to the boards He likes having that little sharp edges in the tail
and the nice pinch down rails here so his boards are made to how he want to do it his boards are just improving, improving everytime Since the first time Hiro started training physically he has improved significantly Although technically very good being younger now he has developed power in his body, stronger I do different training everyday I do weight training and paddle training to build muscle for the instantaneous power that’s necessary for explosive power for turns He’s a good thinker and tries hard Sometimes maybe he can be more crazy and try things crazier and maybe get different results I’m doing this because I want to win I’m pushing and pushing my motivation and I’m getting closer to my dream, which is WT I want to join WT maybe after 2 or 3 years later Surfing– Surfing is — for me, surfing is my life it’s my dream I want to be out on the ocean forever

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