XIAOMI FIMI X8 SE – Dopo 2 Mesi… PRECIPITA ANCORA? Novità, Aggiornamenti e Anticipazioni!

Oplà hello friends and welcome to this new video blog I am a michele while everyone is loving on this beautiful Sunday in July I am not here tanned I don’t particularly love the evil I go there just to let the drones work for guys talk about a product that I haven’t talked about for a while this is it of the show I finished x8 s if you are watching this video maybe you are not even at sea or maybe you have just returned however boys I have not spoken more of this drone that is I have not discussed any more why I waited a while for the situation to evolve if new firmware updates were released firmware update in short because you know how the last time there was the scandal of x86 movies falling from the sky suddenly without reason and so we are here today after how long a couple of months from from that from that media event that broke out here on youtube for sum up the fib x8 s among other things mine is always this is always here flies very well some thought I sold it no guys I don’t usually sell my drones I didn’t even sell jobs at raqqa 501 s certainly I know some reviewers who sell them off immediately after the reviews then they talk about it badly for some reason but me I prefer to keep them to evaluate them over time and distance even one two three years in short this is my philosophy anyway it was so what to say a bit of updates have been released for this drone very interesting updates that have improved especially stability the flight is even more the quality of the images that now no longer have that effect tending to blue that was present in the first versions in the first drills of this drone but now the images are really very very well well calibrated remains a problem on the files on the rom photos on the bng that I have already explained what they are if you don’t know what families are future go and see my video guide I made there is always a tendency to blue in rock photos and this makes it not well workable imposed in post production but boys or a novelty because an update was released beta on the official facebook page of the film x8 and if that apparently goes to solve this problem it is an update beta so if all goes well in a few days maximum a couple of weeks we should have it all available available automatically on our drone for our x8 purposes and if I hope the image is in focus anyway apart from that I have no longer read about particular x8 movie problems and if they suddenly fall 15 I would know from you really who really had it problems with the x8 s end is we make an estimate below we talk together with the kids and this is the purpose of these blogs Sunday tell me if your drone has your x86 movie specifically has had problems during this time or not if you have noticed deterioration with the latest updates in short, improvements talk to me about the situation of your film x86 according to you the media case that came out a couple of months ago is founded or not I listen to you and we talk about it together and as always boys what else to say the drone is getting better more and more there remains another important problem is that of precision landing not always this turn and manages to distinguish the take-off point therefore on the ground always a little with a difference a difference of 40 50 60 centimeters and I hope that for this purpose too I will go to work however it seems to me that the premises are good, it seems to me that the drone is already quite mature, unfortunately the possibility of switches has not yet been reintroduced real from mode c is a fcc mode even if it has promised that it will be in the next updates so there is nothing left to do but wait for this update that the ability the fcc I think if it has been disabled it is for a reason perhaps Is there any problem when the day and work at those frequencies 15 are working on so guys I do not recommend you to downgrade to your own initial versions From the birth of this they must and to activate the FCC mode Wait for the new FIMI update to be released reintroduce in a stable way do not mess up guys because then drones fall yes they are youtubers who start making videos in which they say they suddenly fall without reason etc. and so on try to keep your drone is always the most original you can another change that is often made a change is to replace the boys propellers this one also I do not recommend doing it because many people put in the hic et del mavic that apparently come in here I didn’t try though if it gives and is born with its propellers it is because its propellers must be mounted costa involves mounting propellers of other drones implies that that is where they are not meant for this specific drone so there are problems with unbalance there is less autonomy anymore vibrations and the 6 hooks are not perfectly equal they could also come off lady that while you are in flight you are very careful these are drones with closed systems I compare them on the phone in the light paul these should be taken as they are not to be replaced any piece while if you want fun changing propellers and engines internal parts take a drone made yourself a built car and on those you can indulge yourself how you want these tried to keep them and as original as possible and nothing I think I’ve said it all for now the news is these photos best videos more stable quality in better flight still lacks a precision landing really precise to me sometimes the undp takes it sometimes does not depend on how he wakes up from how to turn on my film x8 and if, however, apart from that, the point of enegia is still a little blue on which they are working these days I would say that at the moment I am really very satisfied with this film x8 s also because I knew that the 4k micron you know well what was spoken by the micro 4k is currently out of production seems to conce because it seems fine wants to focus more on the film below and if I hope the Milan return to production in the coming months because I think it is still a great rhone e in some respects, in my opinion, still superior to the beginning of coughing, such as flight stability apart from that there is nothing else to say the problem of the crooked horizon has also been fixed now it can be adjusted with more precision then also this problem fortunately later three years four years after the release of the 4k micron has finally been resolved now guys step the catcher coffin to you tell me what you think of the movie under ss yours is working fine if it fell if you crossed it in short, you fear everything you want, leaving a nice comment below exemplary also purposes that is replacing many feedbacks under s is that maybe they have some problems some defect is unfortunately to see some I ride on the net guys I surf and I see that unfortunately purposes is also too good in replacing the drones of the films below is that they have fallen really because of the pilot let’s say what ends is behaving too well too this is a sign of maturity of the company and I hope it goes on at this rate I didn’t really appreciate the fact that the 4k mid rom now is out of production wait we believe and now tell me what you think of the movie x8 and if you guys want to buy by leaving the link Purchase dates updated with coupons below in video description together with the links to enter our exchange channel the instagram channel offer facebook group roles and technology italy that if you want to support us we don’t ask no donation no subscription but a simple like a comment a share and sign up if you’ve already done it boys if you want to share your photos or videos I suggest you join the facebook group of which I told you a few seconds ago why you can share them everything you want in the next few days I think my videos will also arrive free courses for safe driving because very often the problems of these drones are caused by From the pilot who maybe in good faith doesn’t know how use a drone and then I will try to explain to you the best method to use a drone whatever it is in total safety I hope you appreciate friends and we’ll see you at the next video again here San Sisto Games maybe now I should really go to love just too white maybe even the most of the x86 team bye guys

18 thoughts on “XIAOMI FIMI X8 SE – Dopo 2 Mesi… PRECIPITA ANCORA? Novità, Aggiornamenti e Anticipazioni!”

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  2. Ciao Michele Grazie del Video é sempre un piacere vedere persone come te dare così tanto supporto a noi di basso rango.
    Allora io avrei dei problemi con il mio X8.
    Dopo averlo comprato quasi due mesi fa e ricevuto da un paio di settima settimane, dopo averlo provato senza aggiornamento ma originale di fabbrica sembrava andare tutto bene, forse solo un Po l'orizzonte storto ma niente di grave.
    I problemi si sono riscontrati dopo l'aggiornamento, e sono i seguenti 4:
    1) orizzonte storto troppo evidente
    2) in modalità precision landing non riconosce mai il launching pad in atterraggio
    3) lagga ancora sul cellulare in fvp
    4) e la peggiore, non scrive più bene sulla sand disk U2 e dice low writing, cosa non successa prima dell'aggiornamento.

    Ti ringrazio anticipatamente e spero possa risolvere alpiu presto perché da come vedo dalle recensioni c'è sempre da spaventarsi con questi santi aggiornamenti.
    Grazie ancora

  3. Ciao Michele, complimenti per tutte le recensioni! E' da tempo che seguo il Fimi X8 e finalmente ho deciso di acquistarlo… purtroppo però nessun coupon che hai offerto per Banggood è funzionante. Hai qualche aggiornamento? Grazie, Andrea.

  4. Grazie 1000! Sono anni che voglio comprare un drone e stavolta mi son deciso: volevo prenderlo proprio questa settimana! Con questo video mi hai tolto un dubbio che mi logorava la mente da un po 🙂 Però mi rimane sempre il DILEMMA se prenderlo da Banggood o Gearbest (non ho mai acquistato da entrambi)…
    O addirittura ho visto che da Geekbuying a volte li hanno in stock dai magazzini spagnoli o tedeschi, così arrivano in una settimana (sempre in teoria)

  5. Tutto perfetto, lo uso da 3 mesi, unico inconveniente mi è capitato in una recente vacanza a SanVitoLoCapo dove la ricezione dei satelliti era garantita solo dai 100 mt di altezza, sotto questa altezza solo 10-12 satelliti, strana questa situazione, GRAZIE per i corsi, fantastica idea!

  6. Ciao michele finalmente è arrivato x8 se oggi ho fatto il primo volo e andato abbastanza bene l unica cosa che ho notato che le immagini tremavano leggermente e ogni tanto mi dava il segnale The automatic magnetic interference nonostante fatte tutte le configurazioni quale potrebbe essere stato il problema e cosa significa? ? Ciao e grazie

  7. Ciao Michele, io lo sto usando da tre mesi senza problemi. L'unica cosa che ho notato e che è già stata abbondantemente segnalata è che subito dopo il decollo lasciandolo in hovering a poca distanza dal suolo ha dei pericolosi sbandamenti in tutte le direzioni!quindi se lo faccio decollare vicino a qualche ostacolo devo stare particolarmente attento e veloce a correggere i suoi spostamenti per non farlo schiantare!a parte questo ottimo prodotto qualità prezzo!

  8. FCC.. ma perchè? Io non capisco perchè tutti vogliono volare fuorilegge…
    Ciò premesso, ottimo drone sempre il crescita, mi piacerebbe provarlo un giorno 🙂

  9. Ciao Michele, ti ho appena chiesto per un codice sconto per una nuova batteria, attualmente posseggo un midrone 4k, oltre ai vari miei autocostruiti, mi sono trovato molto bene con questo midrone, ottimi video, usato in montagna senza problemi di vento, purtroppo come è ben noto e dopo 2 anni è successo anche a me, le batterie cedono, domenica stavo riprendendo una diga, trovi il video sul mio canale, quando dal 50% di carica è passato allo 0, in un secondo, fortunatamente sono riuscito a scendere, devo dire a pelo, ora sto valutando se comprare una nuova batteria o passare a questo fimi x8, tu che lo hai provato, cosa mi consigli? Se non fosse per le batterie che cedono spesso attorno ai 40 cicli di ricarica, non avrei nemmeno interesse a sostituirlo, mi sono davvero trovato bene.

  10. ciao scusa michele, il mio x8 fa le bizze con le schede sd…..prima le legge , poi no, poi mi fa i video di 10 secondi…..come devo settare la durata dei video? ti ringrazio….

  11. Ciao, c'è un modo per amplificare il segnale del X8? Te lo chiedo non per portarlo al limite dell immaginabile per poi lamentarmi che è caduto ma semplicemente per avere più segnale e tranquillità nelle medie/lunghe distanze (1400/1600 metri).

  12. Ciao Michele, sono in procinto di comprare un Fimi X8 se, ma volevo sapere da te se ad oggi 6 Ottobre 2019 è stata data la possibilita' di switchare da CE MODE a FCC Mode.

  13. Michele, ho scritto a Fimi! Cosa gravissima!!!

    Ciao Fimi, ho riscontrato un problema VERAMENTE MOLTO SERIO! Succede che prima di volare, attivo il Failsafe in RTH, quindi, quando alzo il drone in volo, l'applicazione sposta il mio fail-safe da RTH per atterrare automaticamente! L'ho immediatamente rimesso su RTH, ma un secondo dopo, ricontrollato, ed è tornato di nuovo a terra! Questo è davvero molto serio, amico, ha perso la sua FIMI X8 SE in mare !!! Ora ho paura di volare !!! Ho provato a eseguire il downgrade dell'applicazione, ma non si verifica lo stesso problema !!! Ho un telefono Samsung S10 Plus e un drone costruiti a luglio! Risolvi prontamente il problema con un nuovo aggiornamento dell'applicazione FIMI NAVI e magari aggiungi la lingua italiana il prima possibile! Grazie!

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