YOGA FOR FIGURE SKATERS / Flow for a Supple Body

hello welcome! today we’re going to do a
video for skaters so obviously I decided to bring two of the skaters here at
Florida Hospital Center Ice in Florida this is Zoe and she is currently a national
champion in Pairs, intermediate Pairs, and this is Allie and she is an
up-and-coming Italian competitor so they’re both skaters they both have been
practicing yoga for quite a while, almost a year now so and they actually just did
yoga before this, so they’re warmed up and ready to go. this is a practice
that you would probably do after you skate so make sure you don’t do this
before it because you’re gonna be like, you know, really melty… but this is a general
stretch class that you can do any day anywhere if you have blocks you can use
them if you don’t have blocks but you have a Harry Potter book or two it will also work, and Allie is going to be doing the more mild version so if you’re
feeling a little tighter or you’re not as flexible and Zoe is gonna be
doing the advanced version so alright let’s go
we’re gonna begin in a hands and knees position so the hands are gonna be right
under the shoulders and the knees as wide as your hips from here into a few
cat-cows as you inhale lower your belly down lift your bum up lift your chest
look up and as you exhale round your spine as much as you can and look
towards your belly button pressing the hands to the floor inhale coming up cow pose, and exhale rounding one more inhale, and exhale coming into a flat back as you inhale
reach your right leg behind you make sure that you keep your hips square so
if you want you can flex your foot and make sure that you pinkie toe is pointing
down towards the floor your hips are even now you can stay here which is what
Allie is going to do or if you want to take it a little bit deeper you’re going to
lift your left arm forward engaging the core here and if you want to take it a
little deeper watch Zoe again she’s gonna bend the knee and grab the foot with the
left hand keep your ribs engaged lifting up and as you exhale bring the hand down
if you lift it in and bring the knee down next village
let’s do two cat cows again inhale lifting up and exhale round in a lift cow pose and around
come into a flat back this time with the left leg back once again you might see
the foot if that feels good and making sure that your hips are squared your
belly is pulled in you can stay there lift your right arm forward breathing in
and as you breathe out maybe you want to ban the knee and drop the foot with the
right hand lift up the leg keep engaging through your core and as you exhale
release the foot or these the leg next to the left here we’re going to make a
few circles with our hips so you’re going to start moving the hips around
the knees and you can make your circles as big or as small as feels good on your
body making sure you continue to breathe through the exercise and when you’re ready to switch
directions and when you’re doing this exercise it
can always cause if you feel a lot of pressure in a certain point but you can
justly do it even stir things up in this letter and how slowly coming to center
bringing the hands a little bit forward something your toes under and lifting
the hips up for downward facing dog now that were missing dog there’s a
chance you’re huge don’t touch the floor if that’s the case that’s okay you just
want to make sure you’re pressing them down you want to lengthen through your
spine you want to widen through the color box bend the right knee as you
inhale and extend the left heel to the floor and as you exhale switch and the
left knee extend the right here keep lengthening through your spine relax the
head and keep spreading the fingers are pressing the hands up when the writers
have a left is inhale and switch the left
and make sure that you’re really breathing when you’re doing these
exercises extend all hues the words the floor inhale bring your right leg up
make sure that you are keeping the shoulders square and as you exhale bring
your knee towards your nose and your shoulders over your wrists rounding the
spine slightly inhale lift up again so once again you need to touch your nose
round through the back slightly that’s when it held it up really creates the
core and I’m so if you’re knee towards your nose this time step your right foot
between the hands and Regulus bring the left knee onto the floor good from here
we’re going to go back and forth a little bit you can keep the hands on the
floor and remember if your hands don’t touch the floor you can use your blocks
and place them under the hands as you inhale lift your chest and as you exhale
come into a half split press your hips back you want to make sure you really
flexing your right toes up and once again if this is a little bit too much
to place the blocks under your hands inhale come forward into your lung and
press your hips back one more time inhale coming forward and
exhale pressing back but keep your left hand on the floor and
with your right arm up for a twist make sure you’re breathing you’re not really
in turn blue that’s not good love it if I head down to the floor
press your hips forward into your lunch again and this time spooky arms all the
way keep the belly in make sure that your hips are square they’re not opening
so your left hip is really pushing forward
don’t mix the arms behind you interlace the fingers behind your back lift your
chest maybe you look back if that’s not available to you don’t look up make sure
that you keep pulling up and lifting with your pork egg’s I’ll be hands down
and step back into three legged dog so you’re going to tuck your left toes on
to the floor let’s the left knee off the floor and then scoop the right leg up
here you can open the hip as much as feels good and start a band that right
knee so it’s reaching towards your sit bones you can stay here which is what
Holly is going to do or we want to flip over into a while thing to slowly drop
your left leg behind the right and open your chest your left leg is going to be
straight and your right leg is going to be bent make sure wherever you are
you’re breathing and you’re lifting through your ribs breathing in and you came into our things slowly
starving yourself back into a plank so Ali release the leg shift the weight
forward come into plank now here we’re gonna do a little bit of core work a
little bit of strength so as you exhale lower down we’re gonna
do three push-ups one and two really to keep your knees on the floor you need to
and go all the way down to your belly bring your hands as wide as your mat the
fingertips are on the floor inhale push up into Cobra keep your shoulders down
and back and exhale lower being coming up keep it always pressing in and exhale
lower this time angel ace the fingers behind your back
probably the toes to touch and now there’s going to do version one where
she only will lift the chest and it’s always going to lift the chest and the
feet inhale deep and exhale lift if when you lift if you try to bring the arms
away from your bum go ahead and do so keeping the shoulders
down and away from the ears and exhale lower down make a little pillow with
your hands if you hips a little bit side to side that feels good on your back and we’ll go ahead and do
the other side so press yourselves up into Domino you remember to lengthen
through the spine press the fingertips up to the floor so maybe step your feet
a little bit closer if you let’s light up as you inhale and
you need to notice your shoulders over your wrists as you exhale breathing
inhale as serving your needs your nose last one lift up inhale exile even eats your nose this time step
the left foot between the hands and drop the right knee to the port good lengthen
your spine here square the hips to the front remember you can place blocks up
to the hands and exhale press we have spat come into half split the toes are
pointing up towards your face the hips are square if you can fold over the left
leg go ahead and do so inhale coming forward into your lunge
lift your chest exhale press back where you have slip one inhale coming forward for your lunge eggs or as backups how submit keep your right hand on the floor and
lift your left arm up bridge twist and keep your balance here trying to open
the shoulders so sometimes bringing the right hand a
little bit more out helps open the shoulders egg so make your hands down to
the floor press the hips forward for your lunge and then scoop the arms up go
try to press the hips a slow and a scorbutus feels good and at the same
time keep your shoulders down and away from the ears palms are facing towards
each other and you want to try to back bend a little bit we’ve reduced up as
long as you’re still lifting your ribs up Excel remains down to the floor
school that left leg up as you come back it’s your three legged dog so tuck your
right toes you can stay here you can bend that left knee towards the right
really opening the left hip and if you want to take it a little bit
deeper you get started drop that right foot over sorry that left foot over to
the right and open up to a wild thing wherever you are I just feel the
strength of your arms the strength of your legs and the length of your spine give you while things slowly and Bravo
keep that left hand to the floor if you just be like a dog with the foot down of
it to a plank present a so three push-ups one remember you can place the
knees on the floor two and all the way down this time bend your knees and see
if you can reach the feet with your hands now there’s several options your
option one is grab the outsides of your feet which is what Ali is going to do if
you want to flip your grip because you want to also work when you’re real man
and shift your shoulder rotation you like your outsides of your feet but the
other way way yep flip your arms lift up great
make sure that your knees are not going too wide so try to keep them hips
distance or just a little bit wider a beauty to relax the shoulders down two
more breaths and make sure that your thighs are starting to lift off before
an EXO very softly bring yourself all the way down make a pillow with your
hands it’ll be a body a little side to side but so they push yourself back into we need to take a few breaths we need to
take the rest of the video just don’t leave let your right leg up as you
inhale knee to your nose as you exhale step the right foot forward but descent
you can eat off the floor and step your left foot a little bit closer to where
you can straighten both legs with the heels touching the floor if this doesn’t
work for you you can always place blocks under your hands I’ll you doesn’t eat
them but just so you can see how you do this and make sure that your hips are
square so your left hip is down great one more breath here people left hand on the floor reach your
right arm up twist and try you look up towards your right hand so I
do that if that’s too much in your neck you don’t look forward or look down exhale hand down step that left foot
back again so you’re gonna start it at the right knee bring the left knee to
the floor and from here we’re going to go into split so it is important to have
blocks or your Harry Potter book if you’re not all the way down there that’s
what’s gonna really help you get there so once again so he’s gonna go for the
cool post or first press your hips back coming to half slip and then start a
spoon their right leg forward for your toe slip so if you’re not in full split
you can grab a block and place it right under your right hip and remember it has
to be heights one two and three so whichever one works for you for Ally I
think two would be a little bit too easy right so we’ll bring it to the lowest
and then she can actually rest in that position and lift your chest now if
you’re super flexible you can use the block to lure and over split so you’re
going to breathe in and as you breathe out you’re gonna place your heel onto
them up lift your chest and take five deep breaths make sure that you left hip
is forward so what you want to try to think about is your pinky toe on the
back foot touches the floor if your big toe is the only part touching the floor
your hips in the open and it’s not going to be
we’re mailman’s your spins in your spiders two more breaths make the chest and exhale start of remove the props
that you were using and go into numbers it’s a book handy but if you need to take a child’s pose
in between obviously go ahead and do that
inhale lift your left leg up Excel stuff with hood with the hands keep the knee
off the floor and leave the right foot closer as you straighten both legs and
walk yourself up to the floor remember if you want to place blocks through your
hands you can or if you want to just place the hands on the floor you let him breathe in breathe out right hand stays on the
floor and that drug starts to lift as you twist to the left
try to open up your left shoulder so it’s not pulling towards your chin it’s
all winning away from the champ it was nice and square and then he was pressing
towards the court once again if your views are not fully on the floor it’s
not a big deal just the intention of pressing it down egg something both
hands down step the right leg all the way back again bending the left knee
right knee comes to the floor I’m going to prepare for our split as you add
stuff press your hips back into that half split that we practiced earlier and
then start to move your left leg forward finding your split keeping the hips
square and using that block under your hip and using a block also helps you see
if both of your sides are even or not I know Ally doesn’t need it at all on that
side and on the other side she does so it’s showing you how unbalanced you
might be because of skating but maybe you’re even on this so it’s actually a
little higher missing so inhale and exhale I could probably bit go all the
way see no so that shows you how yes she’s really really flexible but she’s a
lot more flexible on one side and the other which ultimately is not ideal but
it right three more breaths yeah hold it you wanna breath and Excel
slowly releasing the post this time take adjusters so the toes come together and
the knees are a little bit apart to where your belly is going to be between
your thoughts my aura so they come back up and go into your
life that we’re facing with your hips let your right leg up in half now when
your right foot to the outside of your right hand good now in lizard there are
several options option one you stay right there
option two drop the left knee to the floor and keep the arms straight option
three come down to the forearms and there’s also an in-between ax as it
would be two and a half where you use your block and place your forearm on top
of the block pushing the knee towards you keeping the toes forward here make sure that you’re lengthening
through the spine so your spine is not rounding on the next exhale come back up to your
hands and this time you’re going to point your toes to two o’clock so
they’re opening out you’re going to bring your right hand onto the inside of
the knee keep pressing the hips low try to keep the shoulders opening out but my
knee my left knee will still be on the floor good now you can stay here or like
so if you’re fairly flexible you can ban the left knee and grab your foot and
you’re trying to bring the foot towards your bar and you can also always try it and if
you’re like no cabbage step one my breath and I’d soldering the hands down release
the foot if you grabbed it and then uh you’re going to start to walk your right
foot towards your left wrist but but you want to make sure here is that your hips
are forward so once again my left knee is going to be on the floor and my left
pinkie toe is going to be aiming toward support
you can place like ally is doing a block right under your right hip if your hip
doesn’t go all the way to the floor it makes it more comfortable and it makes
it go deeper into the stretch as you inhale lift your chest a little bit and
as you exhale come forward into pigeon trying to reach your belly over your
right shin breathe it’s coming all the way down onto your forehead is a little
much you can always stay on it for hours as well take a few deep breaths here
making sure that you’re really in the center of your hips can you have any
problems with you flexing your right foot while my breath and as you inhale slowly bringing
yourselves up once again if your quads are really tight or your flexibility is
not that great you can stay in this post if you want to go a little deeper I
start a bend your left knee and now you have several options option of work
number one you just grab the foot actually option number one you stay
there option number two you grab the foot option number three you go into
mermaid so you bring your foot into your elbow
and you try to rub your hands behind your head try to swear your hips forward
and breathe and one version is not better than the
other so just do what works for anybody and exhale if you went into mermaid
maybe arms down come to the front of the map and going to dump my dog lips up inhale lift your left leg acts up step
the left foot to the outside of your left hand remember whatever option is on
one side try to do on the other so they started even out if we’re not even
already so you can drop the right knee to the floor
stay on the hands come to the forearms use the block or goto lengthening the spine forward and
pressing the leg towards the body one more breath here and as you examine yourselves back on to
your hands over the left foot towards the left and bring the left hand to be
in twist but breathe make sure that you’re really
rotating from the pelvis all the way to the top of the head stay here or if you
want a little bit of a quiet stretch bend the right knee and grab the outside
of your right foot with your left keep pressing
a left slowly coming back to center and start
to walk your left foot towards the right wrist and once again if you want a
little bit of support place the book in whatever height works for you under your
left hip lengthen your right leg a lot inhale lifting the chest expanding
through the ribs and eggs are folding forward into your pigeons make sure you
really deeply here and allowing your hips to relax if you want my breath here and slowly
coming up now remember if you stay here in the
last the other side stay there on this side then your right knee and you can
find your mermaid if you wish my breath and as you exhale is the lag come to the
front and bring the left leg back to Charles right lovely slowly bring yourself up
and we’re gonna go into withdrawal so for frog you’re gonna bring your
knees why I tell you Matt if you need to turn you can so your knees are actually
on the mat right and then you want to make sure that your feet are flexed and
the knees are at 90 degrees you can use a block under your forearms and come
down to the forearms make sure that your belly’s not dropping down good and
you’re going to just breathe here this is not a comfortable stretch but it’s
really really good so make sure that you stay with it and eventually they’ll get
better and if you can stand this stress for
let’s say three to five minutes do it but here it is for the sake of the video
or just kind of stay for a couple more breaths breathe in breathe out while operating and made yourself up to your hands if
you have sensitive knees your way to come out of this pose is to slowly start
a close at the feet towards each other so you feel touch and then slowly bring
yourself up with an ace together alright from here we’re going to lengthen our
right leg forward and make our left foot into our right knee bring your right
fingertips onto the floor if you want to get place a block below the left knee
reach your left arm up and as you add stuff started reach that left arm
towards the right foot see if you can flex the toes if you can’t grab your
foot it’s not a big deal just grab somewhere along the leg make sure that
you’re lengthening your spine so my head is not trying to go towards my name up
more towards my toes and these guys have been doing this for over a year now
twice a week so it’s not new to them that’s why it looks so easy but if you
breakfast distance and slowly bring yourselves up sir then
the right knee as you grab your right foot with both hands
and lift your right leg up try to lengthen the spine as much as you can if
you can grab your foot you can always grab your ankle try to lengthen your
spine out but why my breath
and exhale lower that right leg down and bring the left leg straight and the
right foot comes to the inside of the left leg
place the block on the other leg we use the website flex through the left toes
lift the right arm opposite inhale and reach towards the left foot as you
exhale but if you need to micro bend the left knee a little bit to be able to the
stretch without stretching your hamstrings too much of course you can do
though 100 and inhaling slowly coming up bend the
left knee a little bit as you wrap your left foot with both hands lengthen
through the spine and look at the leg and you can really see the difference
especially in an alley between the two sides for submitting side where she goes
this so obviously you know repetition repetition repetition on the other side
not so much and Zoey slightly worried Rayden and without still they go down and lay
onto your back for our finishing poses where we’re going to do a little bit of
back bending so remember if you were going a little bit softer on yourself
today follow what Ali is doing here we’re going a little bit crazier you can
do what Zoe’s – so when your feet into the floor the knees are bent as you
inhale lift your hips up pressing the arms into the floor if you want to take
it deeper interlace the fingers behind your back and people lifting your hips
otherwise just press the hands up to the floor make sure that your knees are not
splayed out there’s the pressing towards each other
that doesn’t mean they have to touch it just means they’re not opening up too
much breathe in and breathe out lower them now you’re doing comments a lease option
I’m going to give you a relaxing option maybe you are doing Zoe’s is it’s the
opposite of relaxing so if you doing what Ali is doing you’re going to do
that bridge again this is where we cooperate in yoga inhale it junus
and then you’re going to place the block right over your sacrum and you’re going
to just literally relax there then the reckless yeah and you can just chill
there if you decided you were gonna go crazy today bring the fingertips towards
your shoulder and send us you inhale breathe in excel Fischer you’re going to
go into what is a wheel in Europe make sure that your knees are not pointing
out suppose your feet a little bit yep and your chest is pushing towards the
back breathe wherever you are are you
relaxing or not blessing and as you exhale either remove the Prophet come
down to your back or lower huge down the waiters hug your knees into your chest
rub a little bit side to side from you open your arms the T position shift your
hips a little bit to the right and drop the knees to the left it does have make sure that your right shoulder is
still on the floor and if this is too much grab a block place another unit say you know from three to five breaths
or longer it’d be another chance where they’d come to the middle and without
shift your weight should do these right into it this time is the left shoulder this
state slowly come back to Center
Huggies into just good that will come into half happy baby
selecting a left leg down and then you’re going to bring the arms through
the inside of the leg grab the outside of the foot and the knee comes towards
the right shoulder if you want to do full happy baby
you can ask awesome that which is the same coast of Mexico exhale release the right now the left sole of your foot towards the
ceiling then and breathe out at least the leg and
both legs to the floor close your eyes for a few breaths
and really allow you buy into the labs you can stay in your luxation for as
long as what’s good for you but if you want to end the video with us you can
slowly let me go to one side and it slowly wean yourself up you can be a new way so thank you so
much for joining us if you enjoyed the video they don’t love you more as a
media’s coming your way but please leave me like leave me a comment let me know
what you want to see and hopefully you’ll see these other ladies again
thank you so much oh oh so you get subscribe to my channel and I will see
you next time

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  1. This is awesome I’m a competitive skater and this is helping me so much with getting myself to the next level! Could you possibly do a back/ biellman yoga video? Or a I/ Y spin video?

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