Youngest Surfer Riding the Waves Kids Surfing- Izzy Report

Welcome to Wrightsville Beach! [North Carolina] Into [Welcome to the Izzy Report] Here comes a big one grab daddy! Goooooo….. Goooo…. Gooo…. [laughing] Wahooo… Dena. Dana.. [laughing] Here it comes.. Here it comes!!! [Laughing] Why hello! [laughing] Your doing great Izabel. [laughing] I think I got that on camera! Are you little surfer chick? Look at you swim! Oh, here comes a huge one Izabel! Get ready its already starting to crest! Oh, yeah, get ready kid here it comes! Hold on! Wahooo! Izabel! …. slow mo ….

8 thoughts on “Youngest Surfer Riding the Waves Kids Surfing- Izzy Report”

  1. so far we counted 5 times you got wipe out because you were doing such an awesome job 😊👏 big like from us friends ☺💗👍

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