Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Shield Surf Like a Pro

to shield surf all you have to do is hold LZ to pull out your shield, press X to jump, and A midair and you’ll Be shield surfing like a pro Once you’re going down a hill You can hold the RZ button while you have a bow and arrow equipped And you’ll be able to use your bow and arrow while your shield surfing. My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by I’m gonna go over everything you need to know about shield surfing There are a lot of different terrain types in legend Zelda Breadth of the wild and so you really need to know whether or not the ground is Rocky or if it’s grassy or if it’s snowy because each of those three different things are gonna affect the way you shield surf quite a bit. if it’s grassy you’re gonna go a lot faster than if it’s rocky and you’ll be able to hear that you can hear it a little bit Right now, but I’ll show you a little bit later, when it’s really rocky, doesn’t matter how steep it is, you’re not gonna Go very fast Also, if it’s wet outside you’re gonna be able to shield surf way faster than if it’s dry So let’s go ahead and take a look at what the difference is when your shield surfing when it’s wet out When we were surfing when it was dry out We were only able to get a little bit past the East Akala Stable, but now when it’s raining outside We just keep going and going and going Well, we’ll keep going until our shield breaks anyway It doesn’t matter what shield you use eventually your shields gonna break even if it’s a savage Lynel shield So just be aware of that Press up on the left thumb stick to go faster, press down on the left thumb stick and you’ll actually slow down You can turn pretty good left and right, and if you press the Y button, which is your normal attack button, You’ll do a little spin attack which is fun at least until your shield breaks. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to know if There’s a way to outrun the lightning So I figured go ahead and give it a shot if you start going really fast you’ll notice that the lightning actually starts to track behind The Shield So right about… here It’s behind the shield, but the lightning is going to get you every single time. So no you cannot outrun lightning You should have known better. You don’t even get your hopes up on something like that. One thing you can use shield surfing to do is to actually sneak up on The horses cuz you come in so fast and so hot they have no time to react So let’s go ahead and see what that looks like while your paragliding all you have to do is press the A button while midair and You’ll go ahead and put the shield right underneath your feet so when you come on in tap the a button like you’re in a mount a Lynel and Okay, okay, so that doesn’t work as well as I planned But it stopped him just long enough to be able to jump on his back Tap the L button as many times as you can over and over and over again, and that’s Gonna sooth the horse. I told you you can use shield surfing to sneak up on horses So next thing I wanted to show you how slowly you go down the Rocky terrain You can see how steep this mountain is and yet when I go down it I Don’t it goes so slow it has to be almost a vertical drop when you get to the grass you really start moving But those rocks will send you to a flying stop every time At least until your shield breaks If you shield surf a lot, you’re gonna end up breaking a lot of shields Do you remember as a kid jumping into a pool and sliding across the water on a Boogie board? I thought you know what, maybe Link could do it too, so let’s go ahead and check it out Nope, Link cannot skim across the water, but you know what maybe I just came at the angle just a little bit too steep You know no, I think he’s got it. Let’s try it one last time but with that little spin attack thing I think you could probably skim across water at least a little bit Link can definitely not skim across the water Alright, so the last thing I’m going to show you today is how to one-hit kill a lionel using your shield spin attack Okay, so I made that up but if you want to see how to take down Lynels nice and easy Go ahead and click on the video on the right if you want to see my latest video click on the video on the left Thank you very much for stopping by I really appreciate it and please be sure to subscribe

20 thoughts on “Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Shield Surf Like a Pro”

  1. I can't tell you how many shields I broke in the making of this video…. I need to go farm some more Lynels. Remember that your shields will not take durability damage on snow or sand.
    Check out this video for some more info on how the Ancient Shield works and why its one of the best in the game:

  2. You forgot something else though…. Different Shields have have different resistances to the ground… such as you may notice, shield of the minds eye appears to go faster than other shields…. that's because it is…. each shield actually has various resistances and if you want the least resistance, you'll need to find yourself (or rather buy yourself) an Ancient Shield….. this will practically hover over the ground and your speed seems to just keep gaining and gaining….

  3. One of my favorite BotW memories was Breaking the Hylean Shield while surfing….. i just got out of a guardian fight but it was the snowy mountain ground that got it. …. lol…

  4. Pro tip: buy the ancient shield, it has the least friction and can fly down mountains. Also, save progress at the top of a huge cliff so 1. You can reload after the surf to undo any shield damage, 2. Easy teleport back to the top for another shield surf session

  5. i discovered shield surfing was a thing like 40 hours into my play though and now i know why there are soo many spots to pick up shields…. and now there all broken >__<

  6. A few things can help you in surfing is
    There is a glitch where if you go to a sand seal and INSTANTANIOUSLY press a and b on it then try shield surfing and turning you should see a pretty cool thing happen.
    Second when shield surfing jump and input left or right for a trick
    Third the 2 best shield surfing shields are the ANCIENT SHIELD AND THE KITE SHIELD.

  7. Even if it's a Savage Lynel Shield? You do know that Savage Lynel Shields actually aren't that durable right? Even a Knight's Shield is more durable.

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