Zu Besuch (Kurzfilm 2015)

Hello? Hello, this is Emma. Sorry? Emma. [door buzzer] Hello? – Hello. Leon? It’s just me. My friend didn’t come. Something came up. Hi. Hey. So, um, can I come in? [surprised breath] Yeah… sure. Oh! That thing is pretty big. Yeah. [laughs] It was a really long trip. Three months. It was pretty exhausting. And this is your last stop? Yep. I’m on my way home. Where did you go to for this long? I travelled around Eastern europe. Ah ok… yeah… Can I offer you a drink or should I
show you around the apartment? Um… the apartment. I am a little curious now. Sure, no problem. Here, you can put them there… So this is your room. Feel free to spread out. Just make yourself right at home. OK. This door leads to the basement… and… … this is the bathroom. Got it. Yeah. So where all did you go? Prague, Krakow… … so a couple of cities. For the most part I got by on odd jobs. My lastone was as a harvest hand in Silesia. I did that too once. And then I ended up here. Yeah. This is my room. And… uh… … this is the kitchen. Can I offer you something now?
Do you want to eat something? I would love to, actually. I’m starving. What would you like? I’m not sure. Anything is fine. Alright. Yes… Your friends? Huh? On the photos, are those your friends? Not really. Who are they then? [sighs] Well, actually… … oh, nevermind. Huh? What? Food is ready. Wow, that looks really good. Hm. Hm hm! Hm. Would you like to do something fun tonight? Sure, why not? Hmhm. Great. Alright then… [Emma and Leon talk and laugh] Do you want another sip- Oh no! [Emma laughs] Come on! I always look terrible in pictures. Nonsense! Oh! What do you think you’re doing there? Duh! I’m Mulan! [Emma giggles] [Emma sighs] [content sigh] So… … a little more. A sip for you, a sip for me. Good health. – Cheers. Alright, spill, who are the people in these photos? [Leon sighs] Oh. Well… They were all here at one point… … I think. Really, they were all couchsurfing?! Woah, not bad! But you’ve been doing this for a long time, right? Not really, no. But this isn’t the first time for you either, is it? No. I did this for about half of my trip. The first time I was pretty scared. All alone… Why did you come here alone?
What happened to your friend? Something bad? Well… We got in a fight. [sighs] I don’t always think before I talk. Anyway, she went home after Prague. I’m sure you’ll work it out. A little bit of distance often helps. We’ll see. OK now… … change of subject. You’re totally out of wine. So. Cheers. [Emma laughs] Cheers. Leon, do you want breakfast? Leon? Leon? [automated voice] … The number you are calling is not assigned. Please call your provider. [door bell] [door bell] Hi, I’m Paula. Emma, right? Yes… We talked on the phone. I’m here for the couchsurfing. [ominous credit music]

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  1. Also so wie ich es verstanden habe war die Emma zu besuch bei jemanden nach der Reise. Am nächsten Morgen ist der Mann verschwunden und sie hat seine Rolle übernommen, und so wars bei jeder Person😊

    Ps. Ich habe es schon verstanden aber ich bib schlecht im erklären… Eure Ronja

  2. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut aber mit dem Untertitle könnte ich sehr gut verstehen. Es war sehr gut und die Handlung war sehr interessant. Gut gemacht!

  3. Ich finde den Kurzfilm richtig gut. Es regt zum Nachdenken an und lässt Freiraum für alle möglichen Interpretationen. Wow. Bin irgendwie sprachlos.

  4. Plottwist vom Feinsten würd ich sagen. Ich hätt eher mit Mord oder Vergewaltigung gerechnet. Richtig gut gelungener Kurzfilm!

  5. Ich muss ehrlich sagen, die schauspielerische Leistung übertrifft alles, was ich bisher von deutschen Fimproduktionen gesehen habe. Das Ganze fühlt sich echt an. Respekt.
    Auch die Story ist originell und gut umgesetzt. Ich ziehe meinen Hut ^^

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant film with creative plot with a twist that leaves the audience pondering what happened. The absence of background music was realistic and refreshing.

    The doorbell label = Bucher, written on a fresh clean piece of white paper at [0:18 — 0:19], unlike the 11 other doorbell labels at the intercom system at the front door to building Number 2. The doorbell label is shown so early in the film and so briefly that its significance may not consciously register in the mind. The full word "BUCHER" is shown for less than one second. The subsequent doorbell label at building Number 2 = Kostlin at [9:13].

    In the German language, the word "bucher" means "butcher" as in a seller of meats.

    https:// dictionary .cambridge .org/dictionary/english/butcher
    noun > someone who murders a lot of people, especially in a cruel way

    After being allowed entry into the building and meeting Leon for the first time, Emma Kostlin the couch-surfer guest tells Leon the resident host that she unexpectedly came alone to his apartment because she had quarreled with her female traveling companion friend who then went her separate way. Leon was surprised to see Emma and did not expect her.

    It seems each new resident of the Bucher apartment in building Number 2 stays long enough to get settled in with personal belongings and eventually disappears under inexplicable circumstances, but is replaced by a current couch-surfer, as evinced by the photo gallery of guest pics on one wall of the apartment. The butcher must be a third party who may own or lease the apartment, and who somehow abducts and butchers the couch-surfing guests for nefarious, cruel purposes, such as satanic ritual sacrifices, caging, torturing, snuff films, dismemberment, vampirism, cannibalism, seks trafficking and/or organ trafficking.

    It also appears that the resident may have been an unwitting accomplice to butchery who could have put some drug in the wine drink of the couch-surfer to make him or her feel sleepy and become deeply unconscious while the resident is removed and all personal belongings are removed as well, a noisy process that would otherwise awaken the sleeping couch-surfer. The resident who hosts a couch-surfer would be surprised to be abducted by some unknown individual and moved to a dungeon.

  7. Ich verstehe nicht. Was ist das alles uber. Bitte sage sie mich in englisch wiel miene Deutsche ist nicht gut. Sehr schlect. Ich kommt und wohne in Indien. Ich bin ein Indien Bengali. Letze (lastly) Ich muss sage Emma ist sehr heiss und schon. Ich Wunsche Emma war miene Frau. Vielen Danke.

  8. Excellent film. —- matters not at all that it’s in German – Oh ya subtitled —- really really quality fantastic who ever created it .

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