Zugspitze – Heaven of Germany | Munich to Zugspitze | Eibsee | Garmisch Partenkirchen

Helli Hello my friends! welcome back to channel My name is Rahil And very good morning from Munich, Germany So today we are going to Zugspitze. Top of Germany! One of my favorite places in Germany. Right now I am in Oberwiesenfeld from here we will go to Munich central station, i.e Hauptbahnhof from there we will catch train for Garmisch From Garmisch we will tale cable car or Train for Zugspitze. Right now, I have reached to Hauptbahnhof station So if you want to book you tickets , you can book it from here else you can book tickets online. Just like I booked yesterday This is the process to book online tickets to reach to Garmisch from Hauptbahnhof you need to buy Baviria Bahn ticket you can buy this ticket either from Hauptbahnhof central station directly or you can login to their website www.bahn.de ticket price is 25 euro for solo traveller but if you are travelling in group per person price get reduced and if 5 people travelling in group they have to pay only 53 euros. On these screen you can see which train going to Garmisch so Mittenwald train I have identified which will take us to Garmisch which will come on platform number 28 In you journey from Munich to Garmisch you get to see countryside villages, warehouses, factories and incredible landscapes When you are looking at these landscapes from train’s window you feel illusion like, you are in seating in cinema hall and watch Switzerland movie scene on massive screen But my friends, this is not Switzerland This is equally beautiful Germany So right now I am in Garmisch, and from here we will go to Zugspitze on those mountains there. Actually, Garmisch is a base location for adventure loves, adventure seekers They make this location as their base and go to near by mountains for hiking or skiing from Gamisch station, we will go to Zugspitze Bahn from there we will get train for Zugspitze to reach Zugspitze bahn, you need to take left from subway once you are out of subway you have Zugspitze bahn in front of you you can buy Zugspitze tickets from here or from Munich haufbahnhauf along with your ticket to Garmisch you can check out Zugspitze tickets from their official website so after 30 mins journey we have finally reached to Zugspitze Station So without a further due Guys, are you ready to see Perfect View? so coming after 3000m above sea level you finally see Heaven of Germany! So guys this is Zugspitze for you. As you can see, it is so beautiful. This is the place from where you can see Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland Mountains if weather is clear And if we talk about today’s weather you can see it is very cloudy. And, when Sun is not out It will be very cold as you can see.. It is covered by all the Snow. Lot of people come here for Skiing This is a perfect delight for Skiing lovers from here people go down while Skiing And using cable car which is at my left side, they come up. One small tip. If you come here make sure you bring Sun glasses because, when it is a Sunny day here It is almost impossible to see anything here And Actually, there is it is a Top of Germany on my right side.. on the top I hope you can see from here. And, to reach there, we have to take a cable car ride. which starts from here… from my left side.. So we will go here first, then we will go to Top of Germany. Zugspitze. On this highest point of Zugspitze you get lot of restaurants. and, this is one of the restaurants here. And, you get lot of shopping options. For those people who prefer snacks over restaurants they can see here and have their snacks and you can see Bavarian Apls and a Television, which shows how Zugspitze structure was built for tourists which is really an engineering wonder. So, it is the time to go out and see the highest point of Germany Believe me this is very cold out here But if you want to see this view you need to step out side. Today, I was not expecting it to be this cold. It is almost impossible to stand here. Temperature is in Minus degrees now. Let me tell you the most special thing about this place Right now I am standing in Germany. And, there is Austria on my right side So you just have to open this door and now you are in Austria. So actually I didn’t anticipate it will be so cold weather here on the top. So that Lake down there is Eibsee. which looks from here like a beautiful painting on a Canvas In Eibsee you get very beautiful reflection of Zugspitze mountains In winter, this lake is completely frozen. It looks more beautiful then. So lets go in to Cable car and reach this beautiful lake I hope you liked this view and you liked this Vlog and as I always say, Please subscribe to my channel if you are new and don’t forget to press the LIKE button So, see you in my next Vlog by the time right signing off from Top of the Germany, ZUGSPITZE.

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